A few months ago I started a youtube video series regarding the Book: The seven secret keys to prosperity and abundance. This book has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in generating business ideas for myself. The book was written by the School of Metaphysics in Missouri.

Each of the principles presented in this book are the universal keys to prosperity and abundance in this world. According to The seven secret keys to prosperity and abundance book “There is abundance in this Universe. There are alternative sources of energy that have not been developed and many that have yet to be discovered. With the increased ability to harness greater amounts of energy, greater wealth is produced.” (iv-Intro) this is true…very true, Did you know there is an overabundance of gold, silver, oil, zinc and other materials under the ocean floor? According to some scientist there are tens of thousand of years worth…even at current consumption rates!…WOW!. Now just imagine the hundreds of thousands years worth on other planets, stars, moons, etc that are waiting to be used..it’s unlimited!

But..even a greater resource exist…a resource that is not in the ocean, on land or even out in space…YOU MIND! your ideas, your discipline, your thoughts, your plans ..these provide the greatest value to you than any other way. In the paragraph above I boldfaced ” With the increased ability to harness greater amounts of energy, greater wealth is produced “. I highlighted this because this part is key to understanding, your increased ability also includes your ideas, discipline, thoughts, plans, willpower, building technology, efficient administration etc. Keep in mind that energy takes many forms forms. The only thing that gets in your way is worry, fear, doubt, blame, laziness, etc. According to the seven secret keys: “The subconscious mind will accomplish this duty as long as it is not blocked from doing so by the conscious or waking mind because of doubt, fear, guilt, anger, blame, jealousy, and worry”. (V-Into)

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting my old videos…and giving more elaboration of what the principle entails for you own life. These principles will help you in your life, generate a good amount of wealth and prestige. You can apply these principles to business, relationships, work life and more. Here is the breakdown

The keys to abundance:

  1. Identifying resources
  2. Using resources to the fullest
  3. Giving, Particularly in aiding others

The keys of prosperity

  1. Recognizing the unlimited quantity of resources
  2. Using only what is needed by the self
  3. Creating ways of providing greater abundance and prosperity for others.

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