Our earth, solar system, and universe is fulled with resources either physical or non-physical, these resources can be used to product useful products, services, information and the like. Our world is fulled with such resources.

According to The Seven Secret Keys to Prosperity and Abundance by Daniel R Condron. “Some of the inner resources are: conscious choice and will, desire, imagination, memory and attention. Perhaps the most important resource of all is the ability to mentally create ideas. All from a new, more expansive idea or thought which we call light” pg. 17.

He goes on to say: “People who produce great wealth and prosperity in their lives have an attitude that identifies resources. They see what is available and immediately think of how they will use it. Thousand of fortunes are made every day by people who see a need or desire to fulfill that need for those people”. pg 18.

People that take advantage of resources for their own use are called Entrepreneurs in our society, ownership and business ownership are very important in building wealth and creating a prosperous society.

If you ever look at nature, you will find that same function from knats to lions. Mr. Condron states that: “A flower bloom is a valuable resource for collecting food if you are a honey bee. The bee collects pollen from the flower. The flower to a human, is a useful resource to beautify a house….pg 18. We live in a universe that is interconnected, everything has a use, function, benefit, etc. Some people fail to recognize this fact and end up not finding their true purpose in their lifetime.

Identifying the resources around you and utilizing those resources in a proper way is the key to prosperity, whether economic boom or bust opportunities abound with the right mind set. and I will elaborate on this in a later post.