Hey..I know it’s been a while….SORRY, but I have been busy…but I wanted to post this options trade from 2 months ago.. This option is from DUST….I think..But..anyway..as you can sell this option opened at four cents, if you invested in this option around the time it was open to the time it closed, you could have had an over 700% return on your money….CRAZY!..and with over 3 day left to explanation.

I will show the chart that produced an even crazier return below…

If you look at the graph of the Domino’s Pizza Stock you can see that the stock had a GAP DOWN..due to an earnings news, that was somewhat negative not completely. And if you are familiar with the gap up and gap down strategies in stock trading( look it up on Youtube) you know that most times the stock will shoot in the opposite direction after a while sometime in the same day. If you look closely the stock went down to $230 that shot up to a WHOOPING $250!! with in about an HOUR or HOUR and a Half…..Below is the another option that went CRAZY!

The chart that I showed you…produced an option that produced over 1,500% return in ONE DAY! If you invested 1000 contracts, which is about $950.. You would have had a possible over $14,000! in only a few hours…WOW! The days range is 60 cents to 19 dollars.. Think about the returns. I have seen increases like this, especially after earnings reports….Well that all for this week….I will post more soon.. including some business articles…Thanks and be sure to subscribe..