We have some news for you. It’s time you sit down and reconsider your digital marketing strategy. A lot has changed over the course of a few years in the field of digital marketing and therefore, it is time to re-evaluate your online marketing strategies. In this post, we are going to share some of the most important digital marketing trends that you should track and apply in 2020.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the content and keep up with the changing landscape of online marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2020

Here are some of the most important digital marketing trends that we should keep a tab on in 2020. We highly recommend you to follow these trends and make your digital marketing strategy more relevant.

  1. Google Organic Shopping Listings

Ecommerce store owners can now put free or organic product listings on the Google Network. Google made this decision to help brick-and-mortar retailers who had to close their doors and transition to online business due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this post, we are going to talk about the same and help you figure out a way to make the most of this opportunity. The organic Shopping results will also be pulled from the Google Merchant Center. So, the way Organic Shopping results work remains similar to paid ads. Users have to create their accounts with Google Merchant Center to make the most of organic Shopping results. You will also need to set up ‘Surfaces across Google’. 

  1. Omni Channel Marketing

It’s true that businesses like to have a focused approach when it comes to marketing online. But, the recent trends have shown that practicing Omni Channel Marketing is a more effective way to connect with customers on several digital touchpoints. Brands that focus on delivering a seamless and consistent voice across all marketing channels stand a higher chance At generating better results and user experience. Another reason why Omni Channel Marketing is better than a single channel approach is that it drives better customer retention, average order value, and purchase frequency when coupled with technology like AI and machine learning.

  1. Conversational Marketing in Messaging Apps

For businesses around the world, the meaning of social messaging apps is different. All these apps are quite helpful for staying in touch with friends and family, businesses have realized the marketing potential of apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Talking about Facebook, businesses have an opportunity to reach out to 1.3 billion monthly users that share 10 billion messages every month. WhatsApp on the other hand has 1.6 billion active users that share 55 million messages every day. We highly recommend you to start marketing through Facebook Messenger as it can help you generate 10 to 80 times more engagement than your traditional marketing channels like email and social media.

  1. Voice Search Strategy

With the advent of improved smart devices and voice technologies like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and others, verbal interaction with devices incessantly growing to become a major digital marketing trend in 2020. People prefer to talk as a way of interacting with smart devices and slowly but steadily, the trend is making machines evolve to enable people to search and shop on the go. You must definitely make a pivotal change in your digital marketing strategies to make them voice search-friendly. It is much more about keeping up with the trend. It is more about creating unique customer experiences to bolster the customer-business relationship overtime.

  1. Growth in Interactive Content

Interactive content has been highly rated by 93 percent of marketers around the world. These are the content that people can click on, swipe, or interact in other ways. This kind of content has proven to be highly effective when it comes to two brands that look forward to educating their target audience. Interactive content like quizzes and polls, augmented reality ads, 360-degree videos, and others are backed up by cutting edge marketing technologies like augmented reality and video content. They provide an immersive and engaging online experience to potential customers that are researching to make an informed purchasing decision. These content types improve brand recall value and help online users stay connected to your brand.

  1. Email Personalization

Email continues to be a major online marketing medium in 2020. Being one of the major channels of communication, email has only continued to be effective with the combination of marketing trends like personalization and automation. Businesses are using email marketing for personal, commercial, and industrial purposes. You are not able to trigger your email marketing campaigns to target users that are interested in your product. With the help of a promotional demo video coupled with personalized email copy, you can effectively drive your potential customers to your business website and motivate them to take action. Email marketing can become a much more powerful tool when combined with remarketing techniques.

  1. Contextual Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been a major digital marketing trend. But in 2020, the trend has grown as it has increased its emphasis on context and targeting. Since Google has been developing a sophisticated understanding of online content through its latest algorithm updates, brands must take their content creation and promotion tactics more seriously in 2020. The recent Google algorithm updates are geared towards a better understanding of the natural language people use on search engines. Google has advised to focus more on faster loading speed, useful links, and high quality relevant written content. Since content marketing is going nowhere, you must ensure that your strategies are aligned with user intent.

  1. No Other Alternative to Video

Video marketing is killing it in 2020. If you have not been using video, you should definitely get on board to get a competitive edge in the market. When it comes to selling products and services online, you just cannot ignore the power of video. To share some numbers, 70% off of the online users claim to have shared a brand video. They feel that watching product videos makes them more confident while making online purchasing decisions. Not just that, for more than 72% of the businesses, video has proven to be extremely effective when it comes to boosting their conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. We have shared all the important modern digital marketing trends that you should be following in 2020. The increasing inclination towards modern technological applications will have a serious impact on your upcoming digital marketing strategies. We highly recommend you to stay aware of upcoming trends in order to become early adopters. Have questions? Feel free to put them down in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!