With the help of Africa Blockchain University, we have expanded our Blockchain Technology Laddertized Certificate Program for the 2020 year. Students looking to learn about the Althash Ecosystem can now easily do so.

We have students from Africa, South Asia and Latin America currently enrolled in the program, and they are learning how to develop software applications and set up online blockchain communities.

Shouldn’t you be a part of this movement?!

We have three certification levels to help identify students’ capability skills.  There is a single foundation certificate as well as five primary credentials and six specialized certificates.  Students must have a foundation certificate if they are to attain a primary or specialized certification.

What Does The Althash Education Curriculum Entail?

A – Foundation Certification

  • Blockchain Technology

B – Primary Certification

  • Blockchain Applications
  • Blockchain Community Development
  • Blockchain Programming
  • Cryptocurrency and Financial Technology
  • Monetary System

C – Specialized Certification

  • Blockchain Community of Practice
  • Blockchain Software Development
  • Blockchain Theory & Practice
  • Cryptocurrency Theory & Practice
  • Decentralize & Hybrid Applications
  • Monetary Theory & Practice

The above courses are applicable to students who have no knowledge of blockchain technology. They are designed to teach students about the current theories surrounding the field and the methods being used in the industry.

The design of the ladderized program helps students to attain the following:

  • Learn the critical blockchain technology ideas
  • Create the best cryptocurrency and financial technology practices
  • Review the different monetary theories
  • Investigate the different applications
  • Develop blockchain-related software applications
  • Create pertinent methodologies and processes in a digital economy

The Althash Education program was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to help students throughout the world learn about blockchain in real-time, even in lockdown.

What’s The Cost Of This Blockchain Education Program?

Paxful and Africa Blockchain University came up with this totally free ladderized certification program. You read correctly! It’s an entirely free program with $1,250 worth of curriculum to learn about the industry.

  • In the first week, you will gain a certificate of Blockchain Studies.
  • In the second week, you are given the Science of Blockchain Applications certificate.

For those who don’t finish, they’ll get an Attendance certificate.

What can you gain from it?

You’ll benefit in all kinds of ways from this partnered program, including but not limited to:

  • Fellowship title
  • Blockchain information
  • How to develop a digital asset
  • Investigate real-time use of blockchain

This means you get comprehensive learning about the popular $3.1 trillion industry.

At no time are you encouraged to partake in online exchanging or be asked to buy and use certain kinds of currencies. The only requirement for this program is the commitment to see it to the end.

If you always wanted to learn about blockchain technology, the COVID-19 lockdown is the perfect opportunity to do so. Anybody – young or old – can benefit from the program. Learn more about the program by reaching out to https://htmlcoin.com/. Or, register for the program by clicking here.