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Hello, My name is Mike Spence and I am the Founder of The Federation of Global Merchants or the FGM.

Federation of global merchants
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At the FGM we supply you with business tips, ideas, product offers, and more to help your business make more money.

The FGM has been around since 2013 and we are still growing, we currently have a youtube channel and a blog.

Other similar organizations might not go into great depths into serving their members and readers,this is not your fault, but will go that extra mile.

If you are reading this, you are now part of a special group that want to advance your business and I want to help you, the FGM can help you.

In today’s business environment good business news, tips, ideas and more is essential to your profitability. The choice is yours

Here’s what will do for you:

Stock tips and reports that are vented by our team with the best stock experts. So you can have information about a particular company and how much of a good investment or not the stock will be for you. Which means you can make money or a void loss over time.

–Product discounts and offers that are just for you…a member…so you can save money…which means you can have more money when buying products.

–Wholesale offers from our current stock of electronics, jewelry, home products and more…so you can not only save money, make money as well…meaning you can add more to your business profit margins if you resell to others.

–Free giveaways for you personally or your buisness…so you can benefit…which can lead to more money, customers, leads, etc.

–Articles on marketing and marketing practice…so your business will have more ways to market…meaning you can make money and get more lead and clients

–Articles on cryptos and other investments that might be valuable to you can benefit….meaning you can make money.

–Article on the latest tech, including A.I., financial and business tech…so you can use this information for yourself…meaning you can make more money and sound investment decisions.

–Access to informative videos from me and others about all business issues…you can use this to profit and retool your business…meaning you can run your business better and make more money.

–Opportunities to partner with us to sell products, get leads and clients using our network…you can increase your profits…meaning you can have more money to retool or get more customers.

–Benefit from our partnerships with other business that offer products for retooling your business practices…you can use this to increase overall business…meaning you can stay in business.

–Access to wholesale prices on imported products all around the world that you can resell to others…so you can increase your profits..meaning you can have more money to do other things with your business.

—Access to our Import/Export services if you have trouble or just do not have the time to oversee the importation or exportation of products…so you can save time and money…meaning you do not have to worry so much.

—Free Ebooks, Reports just for your business…so you can prosper

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