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Who am I?…Who are We?

Mike Spence–Founder of The Federation of Global Merchants.

My name is Mike Spence and I started the Federation in 2013. I started just posting different business videos, ideas, etc online to share with other entrepreneurs. With that said, The Federation of Global Merchants is a business organization that includes import/export businesses, online merchants, service providers, manufactures.

Our goal is to provide information, ideas, and opportunities that can help your business be successful in this current business environment. I currently do youtube videos and post news stories on facebook, anything that can help my fellow merchants..

Over the years I have posted on the federations facebook page and youtube channel a variety of information regarding business news, ideas, tips and more and I want to exapnd my reach into blogging, so the Federation of Global Merchants news website was born.

I have experience in creating new products in relation to skin care and hair care products, I also have experience in the import/export business, including online sales. Investment information, including stock and forex will also be showcased on this blog.

Federation of Global Merchant members and readers of our blog will have the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale price for resell on this blog. Over time I will be offering my custom made in-house products for members, including other products made by our members for wholesale purchase.

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